Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcome 2010!

What are your New Year's resolutions? Do you have any? Do I have any? Are you saying goodbye to 2009 satisfied or are you anxious to put it behind you welcoming 2010?

One more day to go and I'm not sure what my resolutions are yet. Correction: I'm not sure what the resolutions that I actually plan on keeping are. Sure there are the usual '' eat better, exercise more, yadiyadiyadah'' resolutions, but, they're a given. I know that I want some change in my life for 2010... where to start?

First, I have to decide what I think of 2009 overall. What's happened? I started to work from home. Love it or Hate it? That's easy. I adore working from home and only having to go downtown to the office once a month or so. I save on transit time (2.5 hours +). I save on a bus pass (105$ +). I get to see my son every morning (he used to get up around seven thirty, eight-ish... and I left at 06h50...Now, I go in my home office at 8h20... I see him EVERY morning! I can either start a load of laundry at my break or shower, start preparring supper at my other break.... jump in the pool during lunch..... lots of perks!

What else happened? My second son, Logan, was born. Pure joy! Noah turned two in April and became extremely verbal and active. I "celebrated" my first wedding anniversary. I started cooking and baking regularly.

So, it's safe to say that it's been a quiet year. 2009 wasn't a bad year, but it wasn't great. What with the pregnancy, I was much less active (reference to a previous post: ''Hating Pregnancy'' ). It was almost a boring year. We didn't do much as a family. We didn't go apple picking, we didn't go to the zoo or the water slide park...we pretty much only went to the beach, which was fun, but... it wasn't much.

Dan and I also did not have many date nights. Now with the baby, not sure that's going to improve seeing that Logan is exclusively breastfed, and as of yet, won't take a bottle.

Working from home, I saw people less frequently, and I was less mobile (pregnancy excuse again)...

What would have I changed? Nothing. But I have plans to make 2010 a great year!

First, I'm on maternity leave until the end of September. I'm getting back to things I love doing: Rediscovering photography, playing with scrapbooking, playing flute. I also plan on becoming an AMAZING ''home chef'', and a noteworthy baker. I'm rediscovering me. I'm finding and having   hobbies!

I have my temp license.. by September, I'll drive and have my VERY OWN car!!! (Oh My God!!!)... and so I'll definitely want to go pay  my friends visits!

I also want to spend more time active as a family. Yes, my yard is fun. Yes, my basement in toy-packed... but I'd like to get out more: Spend days outside in the summer, apple picking in the fall. Perhaps even go camping... I want to set out to do activities, instead of just having days pass us by, eventless. I want us to have a life, instead of having life happen to us. I want my son to regulary finger paint, I want him to help me out more often baking cookies, I want him and Dan to make angels in the snow together... yet, I still want  some ever so comforting pyjama days!

I want to spend more time with my husband. It's one thing to have him for countless hours at proximity. It's another thing to be close. I've been so tired with the pregnancy and newborn weeks...I have to put in conscious efforts to participate in activities with him...Sure, we can't have the ''date nights'' we'd love to have... but we can sing together with ''Boogie SuperStars'' on the Wii. We can play various games, we can plan late suppers just the two of us... (mmmmmm... wine).....

So I guess these are my resolutions.... topped with exercising more and eating better! ;-) Let's see which ones I can keep!

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