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My Everyday Truths Guidelines

These guidelines are valid from June 1st, 2010,  and may be changed at any time. Posts written before this date may possibly not adhere to these guidelines as they are not retroactive.

My Everyday Truths is a personal blog, written and edited by Kate, (AKA My Everyday Truths). For questions about this blog, please contact Kate at

My Everyday Truths (AKA “Kate”) reviews  a wide range of products and services.


Kate will  need a sample for her or her family to use and review. Kate generally does not send back review items, unless the item is very expensive and only if an agreement has been made before the item has been sent to her. If she continues to use an item after the initial review, there may be a follow-up review.

Kate does not review all of the products sent to her. Sending her a product does not guarantee a review or mention, unless agreed upon beforehand. If Kate does choose to review a product, the review will be Kate's honest opinion. Kate has no interest in bad-mouthing or embarrassing products or companies, and will strive to take into account the product or service’s target audience and other factors before posting a negative review. If there is something wrong or irregular about the product, Kate  will give the company a chance to make things right before posting a review.

Want me to do a review and a giveaway for the same product? Awesome! My readers would love to try to win your product! We can use social networking as I am very active on Twitter and Facebook. (I will honor Facebook’s new policy on giveaways.)

Want me to do a giveaway with no review? That is fine also. There will be a small compensation expected for my time involved with setting up and doing the giveaway. We can discuss that when you contact me.

At this point, reviews have a turnaround about 4 weeks from the time the product hits my mailbox, unless it is a product that requires a longer amount of time to review (ie: tooth whitening products).

Many times I will include photos of my family using the product.

If you would like Kate to consider an item for review, please email her at for her address, or use the Contact form found in the menu options.

A physical product is required for a review.

Product will not be returned

All shipping costs, duty fees, costs accrued with getting the product to Heather Manning will be paid for by the company.

For giveaways, the company will ship the prize directly to the winner. I will hold the giveaway and give the winner’s information to the company.

As of 01/06/10 reviews will be posted within a period of 4 weeks unless a longer period of time is required for the review.
Fees for a giveaway without review and/or advertising will need to be sent via PayPal or Check/Money Order

I am happy to post press releases for nonprofit companies for free. Press releases with no sample posted for for-profit companies will have a small fee attached to it for the advertising fee.

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