Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Must be Doing Something Wrong

It was while I was nursing my almost-nine-month old baby back to sleep, for like, the 4th time sometime last week, that it hit me: I Must be Doing Something Wrong!!!

 Noah, my first son, didn't sleep for the first six months of his  life. He was exclusively nursed and slept in the playpen in our room. (ERROR!) He wouldn't nap on his own either, so we made a habit of napping together,(ERROR!) which truth be told, I more than welcomed.  After he turned 4 months (and had taken a total  of only five bottles, (ERROR!) he wouldn't have any). Being alone to handle nights, (ERROR!) since he would only nurse, I guess we can say  that I was somewhat sleep deprived. Noah would wake about ten times a night from the time he was four months old, and then when he turned six months, we moved him into the crib in his own room,  (FINALLY DID SOMETHING RIGHT!) I he finally slept through the night.

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