Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mouche Bebe

What in the blue.... is this!?!?! This my friends, is a God send. This makes nights so much more bearable. This makes my little Logi happy.... and mommy relieved! 
This little object is called a ''Mouche Bébé''. ( I have no clue what it`s called in English, so mouche bébé it is.  This object is used when babies (or toddlers, or even kids who don`t know how to blow their noses) need to have that nose emptied. There`s nothing worse than a baby who can`t sleep, or nurse, or feed because he or she is so congested with the fluids of a bad cold or flu.

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Forgotten Scrapooking

Were you one of those kids in High School who just COULDN'T keep your school agenda intact, untouched, clean, almost as if it  was never used? ...Well, I was.

My agenda was a canvas. Decorated with collages of the ocean, of Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Jonathan Brandis (no laughing as my husband did while reading over my shoulder (!) )... It had famous quotes that meant something to me at the time, sketches, and other personalisations. I was still an organisationtal nut even then with color coded post-its for the things that needed to be done... but, my artistic side was clearly visible in my agenda.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I miss my toddler... or do I?,,,

Okay, I have this little list of ideas I want to blog about. At the time I made the list, Logan was in a major growth spurt, and so I was basically spending ALL my time nursing him. Meanwhile, Dan was taking care of Noah in the basement, outside, running errands, you name it.

I was tired.... no, exhausted, hormonal and emotional and I was just looking forward to spending some time with Noah. As luck would have it, Logan always had his daily fit (meaning, once a day, he was hungry and he had to eat NOW!).. right when it was Noah's bed time ritual: bath or shower, teeth, stories, music, songs). Dan and I usually take turns with the stories and songs, but lately, I've had to forfeit my turn to feed my little Logi.

Dan started working again this week. He doesn't have what you'd call a regular 9-5 schedule being a cop. His shift this week however, was Wednesday to Friday, day shift. We decided that I would keep Noah (gulp) instead of bringing him to day care (seeing that I don't yet drive ((I have my learner's only))... and that it costs about 30$ a day to and fro the daycare in a cab).... Although it was the first time I was spending an entire day alone with both boys, I was a little nervous, but mostly anxious to spend some time with my rascal.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009


this post is 2 weeks late... ouups!

Who hasn't had it yet? Who isn't tired of being bombarded with desired and not so desired information about this infamous flu? Information overload anyone?(!)

Almost 400 dead in a week... ok, but doesn't the seasonal flu cause as much havoc? Doesn't the seasonal flu kill as many? Perhaps, however, this flu seems to be causing more panic, and, differently from the seasonal flu, AH1N1 attacks healthy, vibrant individuals, it kills perfectly healthy 13 year old hockey players. It causes more complications and it is more easily transmitted.... so then why are so many hesitant about getting vaccinated?

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