Sunday, January 31, 2010


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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Big Brother: Happy Birthday

It's my big brother, Alex's Birthday. He's turning 31...old. I should perhaps write 31 years old... nah. Seriously though, my brother is probably one of the bestest guys out there... Yo single ladies, he's a bachelor. No, nothing is wrong with him either!

Who is Alex? Alex is a man of principle, a very by the book' type... I think he would probably even turn me in... or my dad (if we had something to be turned in for): It must be said that he is an RCMP (police) constable. True story: Alex was visiting with my dad, whose known to be quite the prankster. My dad, very cooly told my brother that when he had finished his shift at the hospital, he went out to grab his bike to ride back home, and discovered that it had be stollen! (Gasp)! My father said that he then noticed on the bike rack, a bike similar to his, and so, he took it. He told my brother to go look on the patio to check out his  new bike. Reaction: My brother became VERY bothered. He was quiet for a few minutes. My dad saw how he was disturbed and told him it was a joke... Alex fessed up that he was actually debating turning in my dad. Ouch.

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Hospital Checklist and What to Expect...

First, let me apologise to my male readers, seeing that this post is mainly for the expecting mother... and perhaps the spouse who is curious.

In order to complement my Baby Essentials post, I thought it would be useful to provide a comprehensive list of what to bring to the hospital in the baby bag AND in the mommy bag.  I've also included a glimpse of your hospital stay (for non-cesarian births).


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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Essentials...

It seems that many friends or people that I know are having a first baby. With the excitement of actually having a child, comes the excitement of shopping for the said child!

What to buy? WHAT TO BUY!?!?

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Pumpkin Cinnamon Spice Cake, or Bread, or Cake...with Maple Frosting. Yummo

I'm supposed to be keeping away from sweets, but as I've mentionned in my ''Sabotage'' blog, that's not really working out. So, in keeping with my utter failure, and to make myself feel better, I made cake, er... bread... or cake. Let's call it bread for the sole purpose of making  it sound healthier than it is... At least it's not too processed, as it is made from scratch.

I've made this recipe before. I messed it up a little the first time... and this morning, apparently, I didn't learn anything from my previous experience. The recipe calls for a 13 X 10 banking pan. I don't have a 13 X 10 baking pan, so I used whatever round cake pan I had. Mistake. This made the 30 minute baking time turn into 1h15 minutes, the worst part... when sticking a sharp knife in the middle to verify the doneness, although it came out clean... the middle was still kind of mushy. In any case, it still remained one of the very bestest delicacies (cake, bread...whatever), I have ever eaten! (that doesn't have any chocolate). Ok, back to what I was saying... I didn't learn. I still don't own a 13X10 dish (note to self: buy one!). And so this time, I used a bread pan (so I can respectfully call it bread right?) Well, after an hour and a half (recipe calls for 30 minutes ?!?!?), I took my cake (bread) out, tested with a knife, (came out clean), and flipped the pan to remove the cake *bread* from it. and the cake *bread* split down the middle with oozy pumpkin.... crap. What did I do? Stuffed it all back in the pan and tossed it back in the oven for 15 minutes. It came out ready.... and a complete disaster. Ha!

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I'm a victim. I'm a victim of a vicious attempt to mess up my plans. The culprit, is none other, than my dear husband, Dan.

 I set up to do something. I had my mind set but a stick has been put through my wheels. I had a plan...but there it goes, down the drain.

As you'll recall in my "Welcome 2010" post, I didn't have any health resolutions per se... they were a given. But, I did plan on making healthy changes. I wanted to cleanse my system of all the crap out there (or in here I should say). I wanted to avoid processed foods (with small exceptions here and there...How anyone can live without chocolate is beyond me!) I wanted to eliminate white floured foods (white pasta, white bread, etc), and I wanted to avoid sweets (minus the occasional chocolate.... piece).

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bring your toddler to work day..... I wish

I wish it was '' Bring your toddler to work day'' for my husband tomorrow... But then again, being in a police patrol car, probably isn't the best idea for an almost 3 year old. (I'm sure he'd have a blast with the sirens and all though)!

I played with Noah a lot this morning. Later today however,  I wished that naptime would last... longer... than it did. But it didn't of course. Noah was a sweetheart for the rest of the evening. (I'm solo with the  kiddies- D is evening shift)... (sigh)...

But tonight.. bed time... ouch. I put Noah to bed , no problems. It was even easy... I then proceeded to go to my room to nurse Logi as usual... and then it began. N started calling for me. Usually, this wouldn't be much of an issue, but keep in mind, I have a baby attached to my boob. So, I apologised to Logi, and went to inform N that it wasn't the time.

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Yay! My toddler is asleep… and.. Drumroll… so is my baby. Ok. I’m cheating. The Baby is sleeping in the swing (only way he stays alseep longer than 30 minutes for naps)…

Truth be told, I’m loving the down time. Truth be told even more?…. Today, I almost wish that nap time would extend  into the evening… where, both would get up, eat… and go right back to bed…

Oh don’t you judge me, if you’re a mom… you’ve secretly wished this as well!

But then again… when I see the horrors of Haiti on the tube, I’m so grateful for my rascals!… How I love em so…. but, not enough to wake em!

I should probably be doing some scrapbooking... hmmmm... I'll go "plan out'' my first page to come... yeah... that's what I'll do

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Scrapbooking update

Well..........This is going to be harder than I had imagined... My little 52 week scrapbooking project is not up to speed obviously. I have not even begun any pages. Heck, I haven't begun printing pictures or deciding where to start at that!

How to get started? Well, first I need to organise my "stuff", meaning, bring everything upstairs. I have organisation drawers for all my scrapbooking stuff, but, it's all "down there", in the basement where I rarely go. Not helping. Everything used to be well organised, but in the last year, I've purchased a few more things here and there. For Chirstmas, I also received a few more things to add to my scrapbooking stuff collection (Thanks mom, thanks babe!)...This, should help... but where are all these new additions... well, let's just say that I have to organise everything in the respective drawers, binders, etc, where they belong... cause right now, I just piled, and dumped everything ON TOP of the drawers. Oh the mess! (This might partially be why I fear the basement...)

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

relationship post

post coming soon

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