Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Noah,

My dearest Noah,

Today, you turned three. You've been my rascal for three wonderful years.  Sometimes I wish I could freeze time and keep you exactly how you are right now.   You've brought me more joy than you'll ever know. I've loved you more than any words could possibly describe.

You're my constant reminder to strive to be better in anything, and everything, for you. You make me want to be a model worthy of your admiration. I want to teach you everything you'll need to become a happy, little man.

It's been three years already, and yet only three years, but then again, I can't imagine a life without you. Even today, your smiles make me all buttery  inside. You  know exactly how to get to me.

We've have lots of firsts together. You're my first child, my first baby, my first son. I've been a mom for the first time with you. We'll have a lifetime of figuring things out together, for the first time...Thank you for choosing us as your parents, we're so blessed, so very blessed.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Noah Getting Into Trouble

Just last night I wrote about how I know that Noah will probably have a knack at getting into trouble once in school. Well... It's begun!

My daycare provider was  thrilled to inform me that today, during naptime, my dear Noah decided to get out of his play pen... Uhoh. But wait!

Noah joined his little friend, William, another rascal, and they decided to have a party in the bathroom.
 I heard a huge thump in the monitor, and then over and over again,  a noise ressembling the toillet shutter being smacked closed....
But it was too late, these two little kiddies had already emptied the water from the toillet bowl with little bowls. There was well over an inch of water on the floor in my babysitters`s bathroom! Noah was wet from head to toe! Let's hope the toillet was clean!

Oh Noah!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Third Birthday Milestone Mommy Anxiety

This week, I'm being faced with a dilema. I'm having to come to terms with a milestone: My little coconut is turning three next Monday and we're celebrating with immediate family this coming Saturday.  Three!  Yikes!

I've been a mom for three years. (!) My heart stopped being  my own three years ago. Worrying daily has become a daily way of life. I look at my baby, and realise that he is no longer that, a baby (although since Logan has arrived, he still insists that he's our little baby).... He'll always be my first baby.... although he's becoming such a cute big boy! 

Who has my little Noah bear become over the last three years? I remember looking at him when he was just a little bundle of a baby, and wondering who he'd be, how he'd be, what kind of character he'd have. Was I in for a surprise!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Just a brief note to explain the lack of any recent posts:

1) First, both kiddies were sick, in other words,  the only spare time I had,  I caught up on sleep, or tried to at least.
2) Our 2008 home pc screen died.
3) My sweet Noah spilled my coffee over our new summer of 2009 laptop...(ouch!)
4)  Laptop is dead, R.I.P
5) I  don't blog from my Ipod, I  can`t  blog from my Ipod.

Now, kids are kind of healthy, (as healthy as can be with this hot again, cold again temperature we're having) Next, my brother has loan us his pc screen, problem number 2 solved. Third, My dad has relinguished his dinosaur of a laptop (it'll have to do for now). Four, well,  can't do anything about that one. Sniff. And thus, I'll attempt to get back in  the groove of blogging since I do miss it tremedously... However, I still haven't completely caught up on my lack of sleep, so be kind,  be patient, don't judge! :-)



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