Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm back since Logan is Here!

Ok, so I haven't been very assidous posting on this blog lately... but things are about to change (hopefully)...

For starters, I'm no longer pregnant (Yay for me!), and so far (knock on wood), I've been blessed with a dream baby, Logan.

Logan arrived on October 9th, 2009. Of course being pregnant, and in pain, I had to go pass my due date That's how Murphy's Law goes)... My AMAZING doctor, Doctor Elsa Leblanc, scheduled me for an ultrasound and monitoring 5 days after my due date... Monitoring was normal, my baby was still pretty active. The ultrasound also indicated that there was nothing to worry about... other than the weight of the baby. Initially, I had been told that the baby should weigh no more than 8 pounds... suffice to say, the doctor who perfomed the last ultrasound predicted a 9 pound baby!!! OUCH... ! I was just thankful for my projected epidural....

I was then scheduled to go back in that Friday, three days later, for an induction. We were anxious and excited. The timing was perfect... my mom would be over as of that Thursday night... and she was available to take care of Noah all week complicated logistics or lifts to and fro, Noah would be home, in his things, with his grandma.

So, Friday morning, we left for the hospital and got there at the scheduled 8:00 am time... to be told by the nurse that "the works" would not be happening right away as there was not enough staff, or birthing rooms available.... I was again placed on monitoring, to be told 2 hours later to go back home... that I would be called in the afternoon to see what would be happening... DECEPTION. I was 41 +++ weeks pregnant, hormonal, in pain, tired, anxious.... and to be told this... ok, I cried... briefly, like for 30 seconds, but yeah, I started crying behind the curtain.

We headed home, had lunch and I went up to take a nap. Finally, 40 minutes later, the hospital called... told me to come back. Hurray. I was going to have my baby.

Back at the hospital, back on the monitor... I was examined to be told I was "only" at 1.5cm.. and had a thick uterine lining... and that a gel would need to be inserted...

A rather non chalant doctor finally came to " gel me up" two hours later, and blurted that at worse, I'd just come back the next day or the Sunday.... (WHAT?!?!?!).... A nurse then explained that labour could start in 10-15% of women who got the gel...... what about my induction?!?!

Suffice to say, 10 minutes later, I was in pain.... lots of it. Nurses said it was normal that I started cramping... having mild contractions. This was not cramping.... they were not mild. I was in labour and the gel did it's thing. Another 2 hours later, a new (nice) doctor, Dr. Isabelle Tardif, ruptured my membranes... and then it all went so fast.

I remember asking one nurse when I could have the epidural... she pretty much changed the subject. I was finally offered a birthday room where I was told I would be able to " walk around, do some " ball exercises", take baths, etc...sure... Walking to the room, the 2nd nurse said she would run me a bath... I asked her about the epidural... and she just told me to take a bath, do one nine-minute cycle of the jacuzzi if I didn't want to do 3, and we would then see about that needle..... In the bath, I was counting down the minutes.... 4 contractions in 9 minutes.... that last minute, I told Dan that that was it, I didn't care who he had to get, but I wanted that needle... I needed that needle....

Dan came back with nurse # 2. She examined me and made a face... She asked how much I thought I was at... I simply replied " I don't really care as long as I can have the epidural NOW"!... She frowned and said 7.5. She went to get another nurse who inturn also examined me... 9+++. I realised there and then that there would be no epidural... I thought I couldn't have a baby without it.... Well 15 minutes later, I had a baby. Apparently, I almost "lost it", as Dan likes to put it... I so wanted the needle, that I couldn't come to terms with what had just happened....... not being able to get the epidural......but, he was able to keep me "grounded" with fierce eye contact.

Logan was born at 9:22 pm, he weighed in at 8 pounds 11 onces, and measured 21 inches. Labour, in all, lasted less than five hours.

What's funny about all this, that morning when I was being monitored, a woman arrived with her husband. She was in a wheelchair, and in LOTS OF PAIN.... She kept on saying she wanted the epidural...... She was examined.... 8 cm...... she was told that she could not have the needle... I whispered to Dan "Idiot... who waits to be at 8 cm to get to the hospital"... (ok, let's keep in mind I was hormonal, I'm not usually this mean... ;-) ). During lunch, Dan and I were talking about how Murphy seems to always be against us... He then said something along the lines of me ending up like that poor women, whom I had earlier called an idiot....... in other words, not getting the epidural...He was joking of course... hahahah... funny..... I think I dislike Murphy!

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A. said...

there was not time for me to have the epidural for Meaghan either... fun, huh!?! I actually would do it all over again... you?

K said...

hmmm... would I?... I guess so if I was to have more, but I think we're done... but ouf!
Apparently I found it so brutal because the gel (when it actually induces labor), induces the WORSE of the contractions without going through the gradual smaller ones... In any case... I'm just so happy to no longer be pregnant. Seems you have similar pregnancies to mine? (painful)!. ... But how we love our kids! :-)