Friday, July 24, 2009

Organisational Freak, or Nesting???

Something is wrong. Something must be wrong. Ok, I've always had some sort of obsessive compulsive behaviour, I'll admit, where, my budget is made a year in advance for all my accounts... but The last few days have been consecrated to planning and organising everything and anything that CAN be organised. I bought a binder with plastic folders and separators and highlighters and pens (I went shop-happy with some retail therapy at Bureau en Gros).... and that's when it started.

I've created my very own organization guide. It has everything in there that Dan could ever possibly dream of needing should anything happen to me. From all utility bill account names, numbers, passwords, online accesses, contact information, payment methods and frequency, to a succession guide, to insurance claim information to Mat leave preparation with relevant documentation... everything is there!.. and then some! (Note to self: buy a safe to store it in)...

So of course, as you can imagine, this has been freaking Dan out... wondering (half-kiddingly) "are you planning on bailing out on me, leaving me with a baby and a toddler"....It's not the plan... but I just figured that IF, or SHOULD anything happen to me, I don't want Dan to have the hassle of figuring everything out... he'd be pretty busy already... and the poor guy doesn't even know his online access to his own online banking (sigh) ;-)

Now if this was all, then, I would be simply qualified as being cautious, prudent, planning ahead for my family... a true girl scout... but Noooooooooooo.... I've also started crazy cleaning. I mean, there CANNOT be crumbs on my floor (and anyone with a toddler and no dog to compensate can attest to what a job in the kitchen that is)! The counters have to be steadily cleaned, and my table, cleared. Tying to rid myself of clutter! I've been emptying out the pantry impulsively, and wiping anything I can get my rag on... Ok, so this doesn't sound like THAT much... but anyone who knows me, knows... that's albeit I'm a clean person, I'm also a lazy person when it comes to cleaning.....

Lastly, if this wasn't enough, I've been putting together another folder (yes ANOTHER one)... this one is my "home organizational guide". In it, I've entered meal ideas, weekly menus, grocery shopping lists, recipes, house major clean up plans, Baby arrival preparations, and there's so much more to come....

Oh! and I made cupcakes last night... me... cupcakes... weird!

I've either turned into an organisational freak... (likely scenario), or I'm nesting... just wanting everything to be ready for Logan's arrival (t-minus 10 weeks....erk). I'm so ready to not be pregnant anymore!

That's how it is!


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