Thursday, November 26, 2009

Forgotten Scrapooking

Were you one of those kids in High School who just COULDN'T keep your school agenda intact, untouched, clean, almost as if it  was never used? ...Well, I was.

My agenda was a canvas. Decorated with collages of the ocean, of Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Jonathan Brandis (no laughing as my husband did while reading over my shoulder (!) )... It had famous quotes that meant something to me at the time, sketches, and other personalisations. I was still an organisationtal nut even then with color coded post-its for the things that needed to be done... but, my artistic side was clearly visible in my agenda.

A few years later, I discovered Scrapbooking (thank goodness), as I had by now upgraded to an electronic Palm (agenda)... not very artsy...

First Attempt
I wasn't sure of the "how-to's" involved in scrapbooking. Nor did I know anything about the material and techniques involved. I figured it consisted of making art with pictures. So, I made my first page with pictures printed on paper (really not ideal), glue, stickers and regular pens. It't not a great page. It's not even a good page. But I enjoyed making it and it gave me the "scrapbooking bug". I enjoyed how whilst making a page, you think about absolutely NOTHING... (not something I was familiar with as my head is usually spinning itself around 1000 ( and one) things at any given time).

I made a few more pages, and gained a little more experience with each one. This was Dan's page I made to represent what he was\is: A cop, my love, a work partner, a son, a brother, a friend and a father. The page: Nothing,  too fancy or complicated. Again, pictured (on picture paper), stickers (scrapbooking stickers this time!), fancy pens, double sided tape

1st Christmas we hosted with Dan's family at our condo:
A quick page made, where I learned to layer different textures. The picture does not quite reflect how it really turned out, but this page, although quite simple, took scrapbooking to a new level for me (new tools, techniques, etc). Good memories. It was a lovely Christmas. Alexina, what a doll! (And no, the girlies were NOT really drinking beer, they were posing for a little comic relief)!

This is a page I really like. It's Alexina's baby page. There's no story to it. It's just one of those pages that bring that "awwwww" feeling when looking at it, today for instance, when she's just about to turn nine. Nine?!?

So...No page for Noah? No Wedding page? If I love scrapbooking  so much, what happened? I have no clue. I've thought and longed to do a few pages for a while now, but I haven't, not since Noah was born. There was always the 
"too little time, not enough energy, I have a newborn, have to nurse, pictures weren't printed, lack of inspiration, didn't feel like setting up"
excuses... and so nothing got done. Now, Logan is 7 weeks old. I'm on Mat leave, a little bored (but so in love with my little Logi)...but point is, I have time. So, I blog. But I want to get back to more of what I love doing: Music, Scrapbooking, writing...  It seems like just about everyone has gotten  into some type of Julie and Julia groove, taking on a passion, project, ambition to try out for a year. Some bake, some take pictures, some blog... I think I`ll also be a sheep and take part of the fun and have my Julie and Julia project, where my goal is to make one scrapbook page, once a week.

I`ll present it here on my lil blog, briefly explaining the techniques used, the learnings acquired, insights (if any), and the story that my scrapbook page will tell.

I look forward to looking back on 52 pages of memories, a year from now.

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