Thursday, June 2, 2011

Repeats Suck!

The Big Bang theory-repeat, Rules of Engagement-repeat, CSI, Grey's Anatomy-repeat, repeat... Thursday evening, it's summer, or almost summer, but not quite. Regular shows are off for the  season, and this used to be my tv night....what the hell am I gonna do?

D has hockey early in the evening, but comes home just late enough for me to think it's "too late to watch a movie"... kids should be off the grid by 7h30 (XX= fingers crossed, both hands)... and I am alone, with nothing to do, and no telly to entertain me.

I feel blah, but don't want to accept the idea that I may be coming down with something-denial... yeah, that's what I'm going with. I don't feel blah enough to go to bed really early though. I'm uninspired to design tonight (it happens), really not motivated enough to put in a few extra hours at work (home office) (although, I could really use the cash: my St-Raphael brandy bottle level is dangerously coming down). Exercise? Elliptical? Please, no.  Sounds like a perfect night to read... but it just won't happen...

I know what's going to happen. The kids will be in bed, the lights will be closed, I'll bring the level of my brandy bottle, even lower.... and I will be watching repeats, and I actually will enjoy them, a second time around, I'll even laugh.... but yeah, repeats suck.

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