Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Post a Day Keeps the Therapist Away

Third day, third post-Is it possible? It can't be...oh but it is!

I thought I'd share my opinions on an article I read today on CaféMom.  The article was about high schools, coming up with this plan, which was qualified as ''brilliant'' by the author of the article. The plan, was to call teenage students, to wake them up in the morning... really?.. and this is considered brilliant? Really.

The author went on about how teens have it rough (?!?), on  the large amount of homework they have (!?!), on being ''chemically wired'' to being night-owls, yet not having any choice of going to bed late, considering the amount of homework they have...She also stated  that schools expect them to be in, and I quote ''at the crack of dawn" and how for all these reasons,  we couldn't blame them for wanting to sleep in come morning... and since schools are to blame, the least they could do, is help out...

Bull. That's it. That's all I've got to say. That's what I'm going with: Bull.

Okay, I do have a little more to say (really, are we surprised?). I did reply to the article, of course. I obviously stated that the author was entitled to her opinion, but clearly expressed that this is, in MY humble opionion, the.dumbest.idea......ever.

Teens don't have it rough, they have everything handed to them.

How is a wake-up call preparing these young-almost-adults, for real life... uhm gee, I wish my boss called me to wake me (oh wait, I've got kids for that). This practice, teaches teens anything, but responsibility.

I may have mentionned that perhaps, if kids are so hard to wake in the am, that perhaps, they are going to bed too late. I mentionned, that if they are going to bed late because of homework, perhaps they need to revamp their organisational/ study skills. I mentionned that behold-yes, even teens should have a reasonable curfew. I mentionned that if there's just not enought time after school to ''get it all done'', that perhaps, their schedules are over-filled (with band, and cheerleading, and soccer, and princess tiara-whatever) (side note, I'm not against extra-curricular activities, quite the opposite... I'm against kids having no un-organized time, where shedules are filled to the brim. I'm against ''everything else'' being more important than a child's well being, where it should be understood, that kids need rest, a decent bed time.... and that school should be a priority). If kids need to go to bed really late, it's not because of homework. It's not the school's fault. If this is the case in the author's kid's lives, and others in the same boat.... perhaps their parenting strategies should be re-assessed...just a thought

That is all.


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