Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oy Vey... mustard allergies

Noah has been allergic to mustard (!!!) since he was two. D and I were discussing going to the specialist to re-test him, since allergies come and go when kids, are kids.

Just received a call from our babysitter, who told us Noah had patches on his skin, since she fed him something with mayonnaise (president's choice), and when she verified the ingredients, of course, there was mustard.

Back in 2009, at the allergist's office, when we were told he was allergic to the dirty yellow substance, I remember asking how serious this allergy potentially could be, only to be answered "deadly".... and there went my hot-dog and ham sandwich buffet party meal dreams!

It's one thing to be allergic to something like nuts, It's practically indicated on food item packages, that contents may have been in contact with nuts, even on, say,  cheese labels! But being allergic to mustard, quite simply sucks. (hmm, I can see how the nut allergy thing can also suck... if you want cheese and your label says may have been in contact with nuts....right).  Did you know there's mustard in mayonnaise? (unless using Hellmann's... thank you Hellmann's). Buying sausages for supper?... Make sure to check the labels........ Mustard finds it's way in so many recipes, from the obvious burgers in kid's meals at Mcd's (and how many times have we had to go back to the counter to to point out that "this burger isn't plain" since we prefer to add the ketchup ourselves), (not that the kids eat Mc'd's too often (chuckle), of course), to mac and cheese recipes.

In any case, My poor babysitter, I can imagine her stress, knowing the seriousness of this allergy, having the epipen with her, wondering if she should be stabbing my son with it, and knowing that SHE had given him something dangerous for him to eat. At least, we know that 1) yes, he is still allergic, 2) In transformed forms (small quantity in mayo), the reaction is not so dramatic (but we won't be taking chances, knowing reactions can worsen with exposure), 3) My sitter handled it like a champ, she rocks!

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