Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bring your toddler to work day..... I wish

I wish it was '' Bring your toddler to work day'' for my husband tomorrow... But then again, being in a police patrol car, probably isn't the best idea for an almost 3 year old. (I'm sure he'd have a blast with the sirens and all though)!

I played with Noah a lot this morning. Later today however,  I wished that naptime would last... longer... than it did. But it didn't of course. Noah was a sweetheart for the rest of the evening. (I'm solo with the  kiddies- D is evening shift)... (sigh)...

But tonight.. bed time... ouch. I put Noah to bed , no problems. It was even easy... I then proceeded to go to my room to nurse Logi as usual... and then it began. N started calling for me. Usually, this wouldn't be much of an issue, but keep in mind, I have a baby attached to my boob. So, I apologised to Logi, and went to inform N that it wasn't the time.

2) 10  minutes later, Noah was crying... he was '' itching''... so, I put some cream on. And I went back to nurse.
3) I then heard a small thud... and then Noah crying '' bo booooo, bo booooo''.... and this is when I chose to ignore him a little (It was only a small thud that I heard, I knew he had lightly hit his head on his bed headboard... probably even did it on purpose)... Anyways... he cried... and cried... and puked! ACK(!)
... So I went to clean up. And I went back to nurse...

In between every visit, I have to unlatch Logan, who is falling asleep, and waking everytime I put him down... Oh the joys!

4)... The little rascal bumped his head again. This time, I went, with Logan, and I scolded... and that was the end of it.... ouf....And I went back to nurse!

So, my nursing session started at 7h10 pm... and ended at 9h20.

This behaviour is very unlike N... I figure it stems from the fact that he got a lot of attention from me today... he wanted to see how much more he could suck out of me...

Thanks Noah dear, I love you. Now, vino please... RED!

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