Monday, January 25, 2010


I'm a victim. I'm a victim of a vicious attempt to mess up my plans. The culprit, is none other, than my dear husband, Dan.

 I set up to do something. I had my mind set but a stick has been put through my wheels. I had a plan...but there it goes, down the drain.

As you'll recall in my "Welcome 2010" post, I didn't have any health resolutions per se... they were a given. But, I did plan on making healthy changes. I wanted to cleanse my system of all the crap out there (or in here I should say). I wanted to avoid processed foods (with small exceptions here and there...How anyone can live without chocolate is beyond me!) I wanted to eliminate white floured foods (white pasta, white bread, etc), and I wanted to avoid sweets (minus the occasional chocolate.... piece).

How have I fared? As you can imagine by the introduction to this post... not so well. Ive eliminated white bread... We had switched to a 14 grain bread, until I read, that in that too, there was a whitening agent (BLEACH)... ACK!... And so, here, we've made the move to bio bread. We like it. I love it! Noah couldn't care any less... Alexina, well, she's been eating more cereal rather than rice.  We're big on pasta at our house *should have been italian*! We have't made the switch yet to whole wheat, only because I wanted to pass the white pasta I have in my cupboards. I'm glad to say that it's done and as of tonight, we're going whole wheat, all the way...

I've also decided to incorporate a rainbow of foods, following the principle that each color group of fruits and veggies, provides very different, but essential nutrients. Ideally, we have to eat the five (5) colors everyday: a banana at breakfast with blueberries in  my oatmean (white and blue). An apple as a snack (red), carrots with my lunch (orange), a salad and asparagus for supper (greens) = perfect day. I see this as a challenge I have to accomplish, and have a little fun with it. Accomplishing this, also means I'm always getting atleast 5 portions of fruits and veggies. Yay for me!

Ok, so, you're reading this and think "not so bad"... wait. Here's where it gets awful! My husband loves pleasing me. He loves pleasing me almost as much as I love sweets.. I don't have a sweet tooth.. I have sweet TEETH! He loves pleasing me with sweets, almost as much as I love not refusing them! (As I should). With the baby, lately, Dan does most of the grocery shopping. (I provide the list)! Somehow, treats that are NOT ON THE LIST, tend to always make their way in my house: Turtles egg chocolate, licorice, caddbury eggs, Reeses pieces, Cookies (and not just one box: and I quote D : " They were 2 for 5$"... so of course, he had to buy 2... and a third for Noah). (sigh) What can I say, I'm weak....... 

And now to get my homemade Pumpkin Spice cake.... yum.... and sweet. (a post to follow)

I must add, in my husband's defence, that when I truly want to get serious in cutting the sweets, when I am ready, he'll abide....... How sweet. I should be ready... sometime... soon........ yeah....

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Anonymous said...

o.k., plan the changes you want to make, don't make all the change all at once. Yet, if you do, allow yourself some indulgence and keep on with you good plan. Keep the good work!