Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Big Brother: Happy Birthday

It's my big brother, Alex's Birthday. He's turning 31...old. I should perhaps write 31 years old... nah. Seriously though, my brother is probably one of the bestest guys out there... Yo single ladies, he's a bachelor. No, nothing is wrong with him either!

Who is Alex? Alex is a man of principle, a very by the book' type... I think he would probably even turn me in... or my dad (if we had something to be turned in for): It must be said that he is an RCMP (police) constable. True story: Alex was visiting with my dad, whose known to be quite the prankster. My dad, very cooly told my brother that when he had finished his shift at the hospital, he went out to grab his bike to ride back home, and discovered that it had be stollen! (Gasp)! My father said that he then noticed on the bike rack, a bike similar to his, and so, he took it. He told my brother to go look on the patio to check out his  new bike. Reaction: My brother became VERY bothered. He was quiet for a few minutes. My dad saw how he was disturbed and told him it was a joke... Alex fessed up that he was actually debating turning in my dad. Ouch.

Alex is also a pilot. We were both in the Royal Air Cadets from 93 to... forever. I say forever because once we both turned 19, we enrolled in the Air Force Reserves to act as officers for the cadets. With the cadets, my brother earned his license. I say earned because very few get this opportunity, it takes a lot of work.

So, it can be said that my brother is a hard worker. I've never seen someone work so hard (maybe excluding  for college).... which brings me to another true story. My brother is brilliant... really, he's a smart guy... but, he's not the nerdy type... or the scholar type. He hated his program in college. At the end of the program, there's this course ISSS (Intergrated Social Studies Seminar), where, an ellaborate essay needs to be written combining a few disciplines. Alex took the course, over and over again. He couldn't be bothered, he hated this so much! I even offered to write the essay for him... remember the man of principle. The last time he took the class, school was out, his essay was due, and nothing. His teacher even called him to offer  him extra time to hand in the essay... and he didn't bother... Principles I tell you. Ha. But finally, doors opened for him, and he's doing what he's always wanted to do (other than fly jets, or be an astronaut I guess). In other areas, whether it be being a manager at Pizza Hutt, or helping me move, or biking and getting in shape for police school, no one works harder.

My brother is a pretty great guy: From driving me to my officer's course, to again, helping me move, to carrying my really heavy television for me, to being a fantastic godfather to Noah (He spoils him so much!), he's a family guy.... and not the one on tv! During my college and University years, we'd share a few evenings with our buddy Cricri, .. drinking, karaoki-ing, (sort of)...we had fun, so, I guess I can say, my brother is my friend. When my brother is a friend, he's a friend. They don't come more faithful or reliable than him. Christian has told him that he would trust him with his life... and so would I!

So, Aren't you lucky Alex, you get your very own post. I guess I should also use the opportunity to apologise: I'm sorry I tore your book when I was eight. I'm sorry I elbowed you in the mouth and made you bleed, when I was eight, again. I'm sorry for stabbing you with a knife... when I was sixteen... hmmmm... anger management much? But I'm not sorry that you're my big brother.

Happy Birthday!

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