Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Noah,

My dearest Noah,

Today, you turned three. You've been my rascal for three wonderful years.  Sometimes I wish I could freeze time and keep you exactly how you are right now.   You've brought me more joy than you'll ever know. I've loved you more than any words could possibly describe.

You're my constant reminder to strive to be better in anything, and everything, for you. You make me want to be a model worthy of your admiration. I want to teach you everything you'll need to become a happy, little man.

It's been three years already, and yet only three years, but then again, I can't imagine a life without you. Even today, your smiles make me all buttery  inside. You  know exactly how to get to me.

We've have lots of firsts together. You're my first child, my first baby, my first son. I've been a mom for the first time with you. We'll have a lifetime of figuring things out together, for the first time...Thank you for choosing us as your parents, we're so blessed, so very blessed.

I love seeing the world through your eyes. You bring a fresh new perspective to everything. I love how you learn, how everything is special when it's new for you. You remind us to stay fascinated with simple things. You add some of your own quirky humour in everyday situations. We laugh so much because of you... You're just an incredibly funny, and witty little guy.

Too wise for your own good, so independant at times, you  can have quite the attitude, and you're one who will have to be kept in  line,  so to speak. You can certainly drive us crazy, totally up the walls. You can make the better come out of us, but also the worse.... but although sometimes we might get angry, we love you so tremendously, all the time, no matter what. We're proud of you, and of the little guy you're becoming.

Sweet Noah, I know you want to stay our baby (since your brother has ''stolen'' that role from  you), but you're a fantastic big brother, and I thank you for that. Logan is lucky to have you, to have you kiss and hug him like you do, to have you make him laugh and comfort him. We love the little names you've given Logan over the last 6 months, logidoo, Logi, so many more... you call him your baby. :-)

I don't want to forget anything about the last three years, if I could have documented all of life's little moments with you, I would have... fond memories.... but I know, we'll have many, many more.

Things to remember:

We bribe you to eat chicken nuggets with asparagus (?!)
You talk A LOT... all the time!
You love dancing, you love music.....
You make up little songs all the time
You love FLASH MCQUEEN.... and actually decided that you were him.
You climb on everything and are  fearless, except when it comes to lying on your back in elevation.
You love water and swimming
You love snacking
You love red and blue... but kind of thought your sister's pink room was pretty cool
You're a big fan of routines and rituals
You adore your family (grandma and godfather, and grandpa, and matante chantal), etc)
You're daddy's little boy

My sweet Noah bear, I hope you know just how much I love you. Three years ago today, my heart ceased being my own, you've changed my life, twisted it in all the right ways. I love you, I love you, I love you.

Happy Birthday my love, I hope this new year is a great one!

Love, mom, mamou, maman d'amour XXX

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