Monday, April 12, 2010

Third Birthday Milestone Mommy Anxiety

This week, I'm being faced with a dilema. I'm having to come to terms with a milestone: My little coconut is turning three next Monday and we're celebrating with immediate family this coming Saturday.  Three!  Yikes!

I've been a mom for three years. (!) My heart stopped being  my own three years ago. Worrying daily has become a daily way of life. I look at my baby, and realise that he is no longer that, a baby (although since Logan has arrived, he still insists that he's our little baby).... He'll always be my first baby.... although he's becoming such a cute big boy! 

Who has my little Noah bear become over the last three years? I remember looking at him when he was just a little bundle of a baby, and wondering who he'd be, how he'd be, what kind of character he'd have. Was I in for a surprise!

Noah is  such a strong little boy, and yet, so, so, so very sensitive. He's definitely daddy's little boy. He grew attached to extended family members quite young, and has an AMAZING memory for everyone that he's been in contact with. At daycare all the little kids love him, and yet, he can be quite non-chalant with many. He's the alpha of sorts, kind of.  He still talks about all his little friends, all the time.  He's not a fan of hugs and kisses, unless he asks for them... (sigh). *or unless they're from dad * (double sigh)...

Noah, is my little rascal: always climbing, jumping, running; quite the little ball of energy. He's always been on the  go, a bad napper in the earlier days, and a horrible sleeper at night for the first six months, I thought then that my days of sleeping 7 hours in a row were over. Little did I know that 6 months onwards, he'd be sleeping 11-12 hours a night (Thank goodness!)

Is Noah a good big brother? Yes! He adores Logan, and wants him to go away all at the same time. I say that he doesn't like hugs or kisses... but for Logan, that's a whole different story. (Mind you, that a kiss and a hug might be followed by a slap on the head).... He's definitely jealous, he definitely misses being the baby...but he also definitely loves his little brother. I see it everyday when he wants to share his toys (not always appropriate toys) with him. I see it when he shows off everything he has to Logan. I see it with the  multitude of hugs and kisses, and I see it with how he incorporates Logan in all the cute and weird and funny little songs he invents. A-B-C-D-E-F-Logan, H-I-J-K-L-M-N Logan .... so cute.

Noah also adores his big sister, Alexina who is 9, but he's the boss. He jumps on her,  and pulls her hair, and tells her what to do, and yells at her for her to come up the stairs for dinner.... and  what's worse? She listens!

Down the road, a few years from now, who has he led me to believe he'll become (judging by how he is now)?...Noah will be the  class clown, he's always trying to find ways to make us laugh, and does he ever succeed! He'll also be the jock. He loves hockey, loves to skate, loves the water, loves soccer, and has quite the mean throwing skills. He probably won't be much of an artist (he likes to draw now and then, but is kind of lazy, or bored in this area. He might have a  penchant for the  musical side  of arts... we'll see (mom might encourage him a little here, if he wants, of course)! I think his grades will be fine since he appears to have inherited mommy's memory...and hopefully my brains for math and not Dan's... but I also think he'll get in trouble A LOT, and disturb some more. (and to the principle's office we'll go). My little guy can have quite the attitude, and so, I give thanks that he fell on parents who believe that discipline  is love.

 Three... just a week  from now. God I love him!

Pictures to follow (no pics on this comp).

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