Saturday, April 10, 2010


Just a brief note to explain the lack of any recent posts:

1) First, both kiddies were sick, in other words,  the only spare time I had,  I caught up on sleep, or tried to at least.
2) Our 2008 home pc screen died.
3) My sweet Noah spilled my coffee over our new summer of 2009 laptop...(ouch!)
4)  Laptop is dead, R.I.P
5) I  don't blog from my Ipod, I  can`t  blog from my Ipod.

Now, kids are kind of healthy, (as healthy as can be with this hot again, cold again temperature we're having) Next, my brother has loan us his pc screen, problem number 2 solved. Third, My dad has relinguished his dinosaur of a laptop (it'll have to do for now). Four, well,  can't do anything about that one. Sniff. And thus, I'll attempt to get back in  the groove of blogging since I do miss it tremedously... However, I still haven't completely caught up on my lack of sleep, so be kind,  be patient, don't judge! :-)



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Anonymous said...

FYI, call your insurance cie to report the laptop damaged as an accident, They might replace it. :)

K said...

Wouldn't that be amazing.... I wonder if they'll do it for liquid damage?!?!

Will call tomorrow! Thanks Yannick! xx