Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Noah Getting Into Trouble

Just last night I wrote about how I know that Noah will probably have a knack at getting into trouble once in school. Well... It's begun!

My daycare provider was  thrilled to inform me that today, during naptime, my dear Noah decided to get out of his play pen... Uhoh. But wait!

Noah joined his little friend, William, another rascal, and they decided to have a party in the bathroom.
 I heard a huge thump in the monitor, and then over and over again,  a noise ressembling the toillet shutter being smacked closed....
But it was too late, these two little kiddies had already emptied the water from the toillet bowl with little bowls. There was well over an inch of water on the floor in my babysitters`s bathroom! Noah was wet from head to toe! Let's hope the toillet was clean!

Oh Noah!

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