Friday, June 4, 2010

Jibberish can be Beautiful

So my blog has just survived a major makeover. It wasn't quite ''a day at the spa,'' but I,  we,  ok,  it, came out tweaked and trimmed, and ready to rock and roll. (Almost like when you go for a therapeutic massage and come out sore: you know the treatment did you good, but owie-iii). As we say in French, ''il faut souffrir pour être belle'' (One's got to suffer to be beautiful) ((Silly notion, I know))...Alright, enough with the parenthesis.

Why the change? Meh, who needs a reason to go to the salon (or the spa(!))? And, me being completely out of the personal makeover loop (hence, I did not have a said massage, although I really, really, really need one), with caring for a toddler and a sleepless, nursing. baby, (and those said kids both being boys so I don't have little girls to play dress up with, or have hair to style and nails to paint), I figured, a blog makeover was the next best thing. Brilliant or pathetic? Wait, don't tell me.

It's been fun. Actually, I've discovered that I (heart), (not ready to say ''love'' yet, it's too fast for that kind of committment), web designing, graphic designing, HTML writing, what have you. This might have something to do with how writing a bunch of jibberish codes and signs, turn into something artistic, something real, something that has the potential of being awesome and beautiful! It's like composing music where more jibberish (notes, notations, squiggly signs) turn into sonatas, or how specific combinations of jurisprudence and law articles build a winning formula to sucessfully pleading a law case, or how mathematical formulas (more jibberish) can be the basis of a brilliant archetectural design... Okay, I think you get the point. Considering that creativity disciplines are part of the right cerebral cortex of the brain, and that mathematic skills come from the left hemisphere, I believe when both hemispheres meet (''hello there'') and are at play, magic is made. I've always loved order, but I'm an artist at heart, so when ''jibberish'' (think: signs, math, codes) creates, I'm a happy camper!

Oh yeah, right, my blog design. I like it (for now...). I like my new little chick avatar (noooo, not the blue na'vi from Avatar) that I made. Sure it's a young look. Maybe I'm just an old mature woman wanting something fresh to make her feel younger?... Maybe I'm just a kid. Maybe, just maybe, I'll keep this design long enough that my chick Avatar will be on the cover of my pending book deal...(cough). Maybe not. Meanwhile, cheers, and let me know what you think!


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Anonymous said...

Great new design!