Monday, June 14, 2010

Only Fools Don't Change Their Minds: Project 52

For an introduction to Project 52, click here.

So, I've changed my mind, again. Yes, again, I know! I thought I had it, my great project idea I was going to present for 52 weeks. I went from attempting to present a new scapbooking page every week, (and not presenting any of course, none, nada), to opting for simplicity.  I had decided to write a specific weekly blog post on a subject that I know. I know about law and finance...yawn, Zzzzzzzzzzzz, snore,  and that's where I lost you I think. Sure, the plan was to make these two subjects interesting, perhaps even fun...(?) but a week passed, and I've been uninspired...How could I pull this off for a year(!)? The subjects I chose are out of line with the general aura of my little blog. I don't want Project 52 to have a different tone than the rest. (Note to self: think longer before posting).

Last night, I was thinking (it happens), and came up with the idea of a weekly post on something new I learned that week. Doable?  I'm sure I could commit to learning something new every week, so yes. Interesting? Unless I decided to take on new oven cleaning techniques as a subject, I don't see why not, so yes (I apologise to those who might have enjoyed this specific oven cleaning post). But the tone, It's all about the TONE! I try to keep my little corner of cyberspace light, I'd be afraid to  have some posts not align themselves with (say it with me), the aura of My Everyday Truths... and so I crumbled up that idea and tossed it into the waste basket...but I missed!

I picked up my crumbled, and tossed idea, unfolded it neatly and played with it. Like the Ta-daa, Eureka, ''I'm a pc and Windows 7 was my idea'' moments in those Windows 7 commercials, it hit me: Weekly learnings for my kids. It's perfect. These can be true learnings, to opportunities of offering ridiculous laugh-out-loud insights to what should be obvious learnings... like ''Noah dear, no, we do not put out feet in the toillet''.....true story.

So, as we say: ''Third time's the charm,'' let's see how this will pan out. Join me to see what I'll be teaching my kids over the course of the next year...

(note to self, never teach them to say tata)

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