Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is Epic!

Okay, so, there's nothing really epic... I may have exagerated a little to get you to read this post...but remember, these are MY everyday truths, and so it's all about MY version of things, and thus, I can't be held to a standard of complete accuracy. So there!

My 8 month old son won't eat. Logan is just so completely infatuated with my boobs, he's decided that he could live on nothing but love and mother's milk. Can you blame him though?

Actually, he does want to eat, he just has no clue whatsoever as how to swallow the darn food...I mean, it's not rocket science. He prefers to gag and's liquid cereal for crying out loud!

To be fair, I took him to the ped today. Apparently, he's doing great! He's big and strong ... No kidding, he's attached to my boob so often, he's practically become an accessory to my outfits (when I dress up).

So after explaining how to introduce solids and in what order ("uhm, excuse me doc, this ain't my first spawn") , the doctor tells me to put cereal in his bottle, yeah right, a bottle. Boob or bottle, that's a no brainer, of course my difficult eater whose had a boob in his mouth for the last 8 months will obviously accept the bottle, just like that (insert sarcasm here)... Problem solved.

Okay, I'm just bumbed a little cause it seems like I rarely have time to shower before the next time my boobs are called in to work. It seems like they're doing quite a bit of overtime, without pay. I was just hoping to slowly start weaning, but apparently, not eating makes my 20 pounder extra hungry. I just hope he's off the boob before he tells me "mama, I think we should see other people".

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Stef said...

Heard of a woman who breastfed her 2 daughters for a while (hu-hum)... The first until she was... hum... 5! And the second, hold your breath, was close to 8 and still much attached to the boob!
Hang in there!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Intéressant, fait le patauger dans le manger, qui sait, ça pourrait le faire manger.