Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Project 52

As you'll recall from my ''Forgotten Scrapbooking'' post, I had originally planned to take on a 52 week scrapbooking project. I was going to create an original scrapbook page, once a week, and present it here, on my blog. That project didn't turn out too succesfull, actually, let's call it what it is, it's  been a total failure. Eeek.

Although it seemed like a great project idea at the time, I didn't consider how tired and busy I'd be. I didn't account for the kids being sick,  or myself. I didn't account for the lack of  motivation,  and most of all, I didn't account for the logistics involved in having the necessary material on hand, and ready; the pictures taken and printed and with all that, I had to come up with a brilliant and original scrapbook page and design,  Every week.

I'm not starting this specific project over. However, I do like the idea of doing something every week, for 52 weeks). I thought long and hard (yeah, this is where you laugh) about what I could do different this time, for this project to work out, and I came up with one notion: Simplicity.

I'm going to write a weekly post for Project 52. I'm going to share some knowledge that can be useful to others. It's going to be a post about something I know. So, What do I know? I know about law, and I know about finance. Don't shudder yet. The goal is to bring some light, and simplicity, even, dare I say it? Interest; Interest, in two areas, that, let's face it, tend to bore people. When at a loss for words in either of these fields, I'll write on a subject featured in the current affairs of the week. I'll try to focus on areas that can be encountered in daily life, and on areas that can truly be useful.

There you have it. This is Project 52. I hope you'll join me and discover a bit of information that you may not have known... and perhaps, perhaps, even enjoy it!

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